Hi Everyone! My name is Cathy and I have a confession. I am a serious PAPER ADDICT! And guess what? You are too if you found my store! In 2012, Paper Addict became a store on Etsy. and with the MASS emails and interests, I have decided to make the store an LLC and an online shop with its own site. I am a filofaxer, a calligraphist, a project lifer, a washi addict -- everything and anything that has to do with paper!

As you may or may not know, this is not my full time job. I do not make much or profit much from my sales. I don’t make a living off of the store, it’s simply a hobby and another outlet for my friends online to share the love of the paper goods! 

And again, I thank you all for your patronage. You bring joy to my face when placing an order. To know and connect with so many people who love paper as much as I do, really melts my heart. From one paper addict to another, I thank you.

PS - to learn more about how the dashboards are made, please check the Hambly Studio blog: http://hamblyscreenprints.typepad.com/screen_prints_blog/2006/09/so_much_new_stu.html